What is Depression?


Many people think that depression is just feeling sad or down but that is not actually true, depression is actually a mental disorder that effects thoughts and feelings rather than physical symptoms and some of depression symptoms can be ( sadness, anger, guilt, loneliness, lack of motivation,sleep problems, thoughts of suicide and many more ) it’s basically a lack of chemical fluid in the brain that which is responsible of emotion therefore any shortage of it leads to the above feelings .

it’s not that people choose to be sad or down its actually out of their hand to feel so but luckily there are several treatments for depression BUT it’s not magic, the treatments can kick in after a week or longer so if you are diagnosed with depression “clinically depressed” don’t give up on the treatment and be patient.

And as its mainly about feelings and thoughts, i found a guy on YouTube who talks about depression in a new and different way which might give you some relief as he did help me a little however its not gone for me, I’m not saying that its a treatment and it will work for everyone  but here is the video


And in the end i can only say wow


في الكويت vape انتشار جهاز


خلال فتره الثلاث شهور الي طافت شفت انتشار كبير لجهاز الفيب في الكويت و الي ما يعرف هالجهاز اهو عباره عن سيجاره/شيشه الكترونيه كبر كف الايد او اصغر شوي و منها انواع و اشكال و تعبي فيها السائل مالها (النكهات ) من خلال تانكي صغير موجود فيها و تعطي دخان كثيف جدا

و السؤال الي محيرني ليش هالانتشار الكبير فيها مه العلم انه قبلها كانت موجوده السيجاره الالكترونيه و اهي بحجم السيجاره العاديه و نفس كميه الدخان و فيها نكهات مختلفه

هل الي يشتري الفيه بس يبي دخان ؟ و اذا كان هذا السبب فهذا معناته انها مجرد عاده تهود عليها الشخص و حاجه الي النيكوتين الي الكل يقوله و و الدليل انه فيها نكهات بدون نيكوتين !!

And in the end i can only say wow

No Sir i Don’t


Here are a few things that i don’t do on my blog that I’d like to share with you all 

1- posting about anything just for the sake of posting.

2- posting about things a don’t believe in to gain readers / followers.

3- posting only about the good side of any experience / even i attend.

4- i don’t accept payments to market any product that i don’t like or i find it useless.

for all of the above i say no sir i don’t do that.


And at the end i can only say wow