Routing kontakt to Protools


today i decided to share with you a trick i learned on how to route kontakt to work best with protools and for those who don’t know what protools is, it a digital audio workstation (DAW) that’s is being used in studios.

and since i have a passion for music i did build my own recording studio using Pro Tools 11 and i purchased komplete 9 ultimate ( it’s a sample library ) to kick start my work but i had some difficulties on routing it to prtools so here is a very simple short video that helped me in my studio :)

And at the end i can only say WOW

Learn a new language in 6 months!!!


learning languages is one of the things i like to do, i wont say that English started it because it’s kinda a must :P but it started with my first course in french and ended up taking 3 courses in it and i reached a point were i can manage myself if i was alone in France :) but unfortunately if you don’t practice the language you lose it and that exactly what happened, then Turkish came to my mind for no reason but didn’t really have the time to study it so it was a very slow process and just yesterday Spanish struck my mind and by default i went to YouTube to search a bit and that’s where i found this amazing video that allows you to learn and be fluent in any language in 6 months!!

enjoy the video :)

I hope you found that helpful.

And at the end i can only say WOW

Here is why i hate Destiny

Ever since i started play ” world of warcraft” by Blizzard i knew right away that i fell in love with the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online ) type of games and i played a of MMOs like ( guild wars, Aion, Rift, Tera, and  final fantasy realm reborn and i like them all but when i played the game “Destiny” by Bungi on PS4 i found that the game ha many many flaws.

To begin with the game has no story what so ever and if you want to to know more about game story you’ll have to log in to Bungi website to read about it ( yeah right ill stop playing and read about it how fun) which only proves that the game is not complete plus the there was a trailer of the game played in E3 and it wasn’t in the actual game!!

now for the most important part the loot system is so random and broke and ive been trying to level up my character but most of the loot i get are either low than the gear i purchased or a really good ones but not for my class !!! ( REALLY !! ) and even in the raid i expected to get worthy loot but yet i only got some stupid items to use to upgrade the gear which i dot have yet REALLY! adding to that the game has no trade system.

i can go on and on on the so what i’m trying to say is if you just want to wast some time you can play destiny however if you want to play a REAL game destiny is definatly the the game you want to go for

And at the end i can only say WOW

وين ذمة الموزعين و الملحنين ؟


موضوعي اليوم عن انتشار بوق الاغاني

اكيد في اغاني وايد نسمعها انحس انه قريبه من اغنيه ثانيه و انا ما اتكلم عن الكلمات انا اتكلم عن اللحن  للاسف في اغاني تعتبر نسخه طبق الاصل من اغنيه ثانيه بس فرق الكلام وهذا شي يحز بالخاطر و انا ما ألوم المغني نفسه لانه ممكن ما يكون عارف الاعنيه الاصليه و يعجبه اللحن بس انا ألوم الملحن و الموزع الي ساهم في هذه البوقه

و علشان اكون غطيت كل الجوانب في هالموضوع ممكن يكون في اتفاقيه بين المطربين و الشركتين انه يستخدم نفس اللحن ولو اني اشك انه هذا الي قاعد يصير و اختم ببعض الامثله علشان تعرفون قصدي

الاغنيه الاصليه لمطربه تركيه اسمها ايبرو
Ebru Gündeş – Seninle Çok İşim Var

الاغنيه المطابقة للمطربه نوال الزغبي

الاغننيه الاصليه للمطرب التركي تاركان
Tarkan – Kuzu Kuzu

الاغنيه المطابقه للمطربه اليسا

الاغنيه الاصليه
Backstreet Boys – The Call

الاغنيه المطابقة لطالب ستار اكادمي محمد عطيه

و اكيد في غيرهم وايد

And at the end i can only say WOW

وين الفن بالكويت ؟؟؟


اليوم ودي اتحلطم شوي على مستوى الفن بالكويت الي مع الاسف اشوفه معدوم من كل النواحي
ابدي بالمسلسلات الي قاعده تنعرض و بالاخص في رمضان

كل مسلسل خليجي اشوفه يكدرني اكثر من الي قبله و الاسباب وايد منها اختيار الممثلين و النص و طريقه الحوار و الي يبط جبدي انه لازم واحد يوقف و يقول كلمتين و يقوم الثاني يعطينا ظهره و يقول كلمتين و يتبادلون هذا يلف و الثاني يسولف

الشغله الثانيه العنصر النسائي بالمسلسلات

ليش فيه اهمال و ما فيه اي فرصه للمواهب الكويتيه كل الي اشوفهم ممثلات من دول ثانيه و المسلسل يكون متروس بدليات و اشكال مادري شلون صايره

الحين فقره البيت
كل مسلسل اشوفه يا يكون البيت قصر يا يكون جينكو !! يعني ما فيه بيوت بالنص ؟ صحيح انه الكويت ربي لك الحمد ديره حلوه و مستوى الدخل زين بس مو معناته انه الناس كلها بقصور

و تكمله على البيت الوحده قاعده بالبيت لابسه ماركات و رايحه الصالون حق شعرها لا و الالعن اذا كان المشهد بغرفتها او توها قاعده من النوم و المكياج طافح لدرجه اني لو اشمخها اطلع كره نفس باسكن روبنز بس مكياج

ثالثا القصه
لازم كل مسلسل يكون فيه ثنتين يتهاوشون على واحد و لازم يكون معاهم واحد سكير او يحشش او مخدرات باختصار لازم يكون فيه عنصر الخمه الحين ما انكر انه هالسوالف فعلال موجوده بالكويت بس هذا مو معناته انه انركز على الشين و ننسى الزين

و نروح حق برامج المسابقات و اتوقع تعرفون اقصد اي واحد الحين انا مو ضد هالنوع من البرامج بس لمه يكون فيه حوار هابط و رقص و خرابيط اقول هذه مصخره لدرجه انه وحده من مقدمين البرنامج طلعت من الاستوديو

و الحين دور المسرحيات

اغلب المسرحيات عقيمه و كلها صراخ و لازم يكون فيها سب و امك و ابوك !! عيب

اما الاغاني ما اشوف انه فيه اي تطور في مستوى الاغنيه العربيه و اتمنى اني اشوف يوم يكون عندنا صاله للموسيقى الكلاسيكيه من اوبرا او كونشيرتو ممكن الواحد ينظف اذنه شوي

يريت لو يكون في احترام للعقل الكويتي و اتمنى لو نرتقي شوي بمستوى الفن بالكويت

And at the end i can only say WOW

From good guy to assassin through hypnosis !!


Today I’ll share with you another experiment by Darren Brown
the reason for this experiment was a case which took place 1968 it was an assassination of robert kennedy.

I can just write the story for you but I’d like you to watch the experiments for yourself and you can tell me in the end if you believe it or is it just another media buzz.

And here is the video

And at the end i can only say WOW.

THE WANTED Celebrates With ooredoo


Today my post will be about OOREDOO’s event which took place yesterday

i received the invitation for the event a couple days before the big day :) i had no clue what will happen there but since im into music i decided to go and check it out

the DJ started playing the music around 6 pm and people started to crowd at the gate even though the weather was extremely hot/humid and the event took place at a huge tent and the AC couldn’t keep up :) but everybody was happy and having fun and if i wanted to criticize something i would say the security at the gate who needed to sign all the invitations as a pass and letting one by one go through which caused a delay, and needed some more AC or al least better ones :) but in general is was a great fun

i did record most of the songs and here are a couple of songs by THE WANTED

And at the end i can only say WOW.

men with crazy high voices!

Today i deiced to to share with you some talent cross the the world and in this post I’ll focus about men with a high notes ( soprano )

Starting Vitas saw his video song on youtube while searching for soprano voices
the song is pretty weird but i kinda like it :)

After i heard that i know that i had so search him more and found this amazing song by him and it took me few minutes to realize that i have heard this song before and to save your time i believe it’s the song from the movie fifth element with that blue alien singing

And now it’s time for some crazy auditions :)
for this one i don’t have any info as its all in Ukrainian ( i guess )

this next one is Greg Pritchard – A male Soprano from  Britain’s Got Talent

And finally here is Andrew De Leon – from America got talent

And at the end i can only say WOW.

My first idea


Ok today I decided to share with you something different it’s my first idea I wrote so it’s a simple loop I don’t think it’s an amazing thing but I believe it’s not bad either
I maned it around the city
Hope you like it

And at the end i hope that someday i can WOW.